Social media: the latest popularity contest

November 19, 2009

If the cafeteria in the film Mean Girls was representative of the social media realm, on what table would you be seated?

In what has been deemed as the perfect insight into the intricacies of the typical high school caste system, Mean Girls has taken a light hearted approach to a much more serious issue of harsh social divides; the geeks sitting separate from the jocks, the spoiled princesses and their gaggle divert their eyes from the misfits, the cool Asians sit in the opposite corner from the Goths and so.

Ruthless as it may be, every group and individual has a place. They know their social rank and order.

Unfortunately these high school idiosyncrasies resonate all too closely with the reality of the Twitter realm today, with everyone encouraged to take note of their social media ranking. Suddenly how popular or influential on Twitter seems to matter.  

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