Climate change and the elephant in the room?

January 15, 2010


In all the current debate (for debate read hysteria) about climate change there is an elephant in the room that has gone largely unnoticed.

It’s over population and despite what we do about limiting our CO2 emissions, if we can’t stabilise or reduce the population of the planet; it seems to me that these efforts will be largely wasted.

A few years ago my client was the Freedom from Hunger Campaign which was a campaign connected with the World Health Organisation concerned with helping the world’s hungriest nations to feed themselves, not reply on handouts.

At one stage it held the Australian record of the greatest amount of money raised in one-day doorknock appeal.

The need to stabilise the population was very much part of this effort and not much seems to have happened to the two major causes of uncontrolled population growth, namely the lack of social welfare in the world’s poorest countries that creates the need for people to have many children so that some will survive to support them in their old age or religious dogma that forbids contraception.

My prediction is that when the dust settles in Copenhagen, the next big headline will be over population.

What’s your opinion?

 – Dennis Rutzou