Technology – the great enabler

December 4, 2009


A little known fact about me … I love gadgets and technology and for some reason I’m great at operating all manner of gadgets like DVD recorders, phones and cameras. I rarely read a manual. I just have this intuition.

I spent five years as the PR person at Panasonic which definitely contributed to my passion and knowledge, and then three years as the PR Manager at Dick Smith Electronics which built on this.

I’ve recently joined the iPhone revolution and took delivery of my latest favourite gadget last week. I’ve fiddled and faddled with it, downloaded a few great apps and am completely besotted with it’s sleek look.

The only gripe I have with my new toy is that many of the apps have very small font sizes which can’t be adjusted and I struggle to read the tiny type without my reading glasses. I think Apple should really look at this issue. I’m sure that plenty of their users are over 40 and sadly our eyesight is fading.

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Saturation Point

February 26, 2009

I don’t know about everyone else but I’m so sick of hearing about the ‘economic downturn’. I know it’s all terribly serious but can we please start a conversation about something more interesting?

In our little part of the PR consulting world we are yet to really see its effects. I’m sure our time will come but for now I’m just planning to get on with it.

I’ve stopped reading the Financial Review which is frankly depressing me.

I’m sure there are plenty of people who have felt the brunt of the unmentionable ED but I don’t know one person who has lost their job. In fact most of my friends and acquaintances are actually better off because the interest rates they are paying on their mortgages have decreased.

So enough of that talk…..please.

For the record we’ve actually had lots of new business prospects knocking on our door and we’re expecting a great 2009.

Instead of sticking your head in the sand, it’s a great time to stand out from the crowd! There are still plenty of prospective customers for all products and services, there are just less of them and they are taking longer to make decisions.

Nicola Rutzou