Is global warming a looming global environmental disaster, or the greatest opportunity that PR has ever had?

July 19, 2009


The doom and gloom merchants paint the potential onset of global warming as a looming environmental disaster, but to us glass half-full people it has got to be the great business opportunity that the PR business has ever faced.

I went to a seminar/book-launch recently called ‘Opportunities Beyond Carbon’ that put a spring in my step as I travelled back to my office.

Climate change presents the greatest change and challenge that the business world will ever see. We will have to adopt new practices and processes and there will be a myriad of new products in every sector.

We will be forced to learn new terms and ways of doing things and get our heads around emissions and carbon trading, while at the same time grapple with soaring energy and water costs.

And public relations will be needed at every step to plan, educate and explain the new world.

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