Jo Gitsham

My father always told me the key to a happy and successful life is choosing to do a job you love – that and “be kind to people”.

Life is good, I’ve got a job I love, I live in an exciting and vibrant city, I have fantastic friends & family and the best dog a person could hope for.

I didn’t think I would like working in PR as much as I do but I really get a kick out of the challenge of building a company’s profile, whether it’s through print articles or online. It’s a huge buzz when you see an article that resulted from an idea you had and a media release you wrote for a client.

It’s an exciting industry to be a part of, communications is moving at a rapid speed and the possibilities of reaching people through these new channels can be a daunting yet challenging prospect. But it’s these possibilities that makes what I do exciting and also rewarding.

I moved to Sydney in 2007 from the Sunshine Coast to get a taste for the big, bad city and start a career in PR. Since then I have come to work with the DRPR family and have accomplished far more than I expected and have loved every minute.

Apart from being part of the crazy communications world and working at DRPR, my life includes taking my 4WD into the mountains, walking my dog on the beach and even a bit of salsa dancing.



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