Gill Asbury

I love a good chat, reading books, writing, analysing everything and trying to come up with new ideas that are a little left of centre. My added skill of solving the problems of the world over a glass of nice red wine, I find translates beautifully into the world of PR.

My love of words and communicating in general means work for me is hardly a chore. So far, in my four years experience, I have found PR is a fluid and constantly evolving discipline for me. There is always something new to learn or try, or perhaps try to never do again, but overall it is extremely fulfilling and I love being able to use all my powers of communication in the process.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in vintage fashion, trying new food, or at least trying to add chilli to everything I eat. I love music and experiencing the sensory overload of live music. But best of all is spending time with my incredibly entertaining nephew, who is only moments away from being able to articulate ‘Aunty Gill’. No small feat. I am chipping away at my “places to go and things to see” list and so far I’m quite pleased with my progress. I can tick off South East Asia, Western Europe, the UK, New Zealand and about half of Australia. Next is Turkey!


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