Gemma Crowley


My sister’s favourite t-shirt reads – “You can find out a lot about a person by the way they pick their jelly beans”. I truly doubt the level of scientific reasoning backing this statement. However in case you were wondering, I always eat the pink ones first!

Eating pink jelly beans at work – now there is a great combination! Having recently finished my University degree at UTS (Bachelor of Communications in Public Communications and French), I love my career in Public Relations. PR is a fast paced and rewarding industry, where creativity is the key, thinking outside the box is essential and developing effective communication strategies remains the ultimate thrill.

Outside the realms of the DRPR office, going out for breakfast with my family truly makes my weekend complete. My colourful collection of high heels and head scarfs brightens my room. I love leading my youth group at Church and making a difference in the lives of young people. Learning French is an ongoing challenge but definitely a rewarding one. Travelling has always been my passion. Europe, the UK, New Zealand, Hawaii, Thailand and Laos already grace the photo albums. Next on the list – South America and working with the Massai tribes in Kenya.

Life is there to be lived. And in the mean time, there are plenty of pink jelly beans waiting to be eaten!



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