Technology – the great enabler


A little known fact about me … I love gadgets and technology and for some reason I’m great at operating all manner of gadgets like DVD recorders, phones and cameras. I rarely read a manual. I just have this intuition.

I spent five years as the PR person at Panasonic which definitely contributed to my passion and knowledge, and then three years as the PR Manager at Dick Smith Electronics which built on this.

I’ve recently joined the iPhone revolution and took delivery of my latest favourite gadget last week. I’ve fiddled and faddled with it, downloaded a few great apps and am completely besotted with it’s sleek look.

The only gripe I have with my new toy is that many of the apps have very small font sizes which can’t be adjusted and I struggle to read the tiny type without my reading glasses. I think Apple should really look at this issue. I’m sure that plenty of their users are over 40 and sadly our eyesight is fading.

Today I heard some great stories about how technology is making a real difference in people’s lives. As opposed to the shiny new iPhone which for the most part is just entertaining me.

We were talking to a potential client that provides video conferencing solutions. They were telling us about customers who are using this technology in the healthcare and education sectors. It’s enabling small children in remote communities who are deaf to learn sign language by attending regularly lessons using video conferencing. Without this they would have little chance of learning this life empowering skill.

The uses of video conferencing are limitless and will really come to the fore with the introduction of the national broadband network.

We humans are really amazing creatures. Look how far we’ve come in such a short time. I get really excited when I hear about the great uses of technology. Conversely I am appalled when I read about how it’s being used in warfare and to harm others.

What great uses of technology have changed your life? I’d love to hear some happy stories about things that have happened through the clever use of something hi-tech.

 – Nicola Rutzou


One Response to Technology – the great enabler

  1. John Roker says:

    Nicola, Having spent 50 years in the IT industry (now retired) I am still constantly amazed with what technology can do to change your life. I am now looking at how we can save energy by use of “smart” meters and “smart” devices. Soon you will be able to turn your heater on in your home from your Apple iPhone as you leave the office, check that you haven’t left the iron or air conditioner on and see on your iPhone what your actual power usage is and turn off (remotely) appliances you are not using.

    I understand your frustration with the small font sizes on your iPhone, but the rumour is that that Apple are about to release a “tablet” computer that has a bigger screen than the iPhone but is still portable.

    Cheers,.. John Roker

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